Thursday, April 09, 2009

My milk mustache 

Milk mustache
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Yes, I am "Milk's New Face of Wellness."

I visited the Birmingham Zoo on my lunch break today and had my picture made with the "Got Milk?" people outside. Unfortunately, you can barely see the milk mustache left by the milkshake I drank.

Misty and the girls met me at the zoo, but Emily and Kendall both refused to get milk mustache pictures made. They did each pick out a free pint of milk which they enjoyed sipping as we walked around looking at the animals.

For the most part, the zoo was a bust today. The "rhino encounter," advertised outside the park with a big banner, was closed off. The entrance to the primate house was closed because the outdoor cages for the gibbons and spider monkeys were being painted. You could get in to see the primates, but you had to use the exit door and then backtrack when you were finished. It was hot and crowded in there -- I was wishing I'd had shorts on, but poor Misty was in both jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt.

On the positive side, the girls finally got to see the kangaroo exhibit. With as many kangaroos as they have, there's a pretty good chance that some of them will be active. We couldn't find the wallaby or wombat, though. Kendall liked the Kangaroos and was also a fan of the sea lions. And I must say that the new exhibit of squirrel monkeys is one of the best things at the zoo. Those guys were crazy-active (the sign said they only rest for 10% of the day).

For some reason, all Emily seemed interested in seeing was the snakes. Maybe it's because she's been watching Harry Potter lately, and she's hoping she can make the glass disappear.