Sunday, October 05, 2003

Mad about babies 

I finished reading Paul Reiser's Babyhood last night. It was generally amusing and certainly a nice change of pace from the other point-by-point sort of baby books I've been reading lately.

Reiser's main theme in the book seems to be that babies are stressful (though cute). He describes loss of freedom, sleepless nights, paternal ineptitude, constant worry, and more. Of course, he does this in a humorous fashion, so it doesn't end up sounding too  bad, but the whole process still sounds pretty scary, nonetheless.

What strikes me is this: Who's going to read a book about babies and childbirth aside from expecting parents? If I'd read such a book months ago, it might have stood as a warning. However, since I picked it up after  learning of Misty's pregnancy, it reads instead as "look what you've gotten yourself into."

Our baby had better be incredibly cute or something to make up for all the other commotion it's apparently going to cause.