Tuesday, October 28, 2003


For the second time this week, the author at Southern Musings has chosen to criticize al.com. Her first critique was of our front page sports coverage, specifically UAB's lack of placement in that section. Here's the deal: each paper on our front page has space for two sports headlines. You can whine about it all you like, but Alabama and Auburn are almost always going to get those spots. Our site covers the whole state, and they're the teams with the most state-wide appeal. If you want more stories (including, I'm sure, articles on UAB), click the link for "more sports."

Her second critique hits closer to home. Of our Alabama Weblogs list she says...
This is great except there seems to be a two tier list; one that lists the "acceptable" blogs and then a link to the comprehensive list. Needless to say I was not on that first page, the only greatly loved blog on that first page was Sugarmama who should be at the top of any weblog listing.

Just like on our front page, we don't have room for everything. Our main Weblogs page features about 20 Alabama-based blogs, then the comprehensive list, which shoots off from the main page, catalogs well over 100.

When I started working on al.com's Weblogs section, there were about 10 local blogs listed. Being a big fan of blogging, myself, I knew there were a lot more than that out there, so I set out to find them. Initially, I submitted to my editor a list of about 50 new blogs for inclusion. He pointed out that this was too many, but suggested that I chose the "best of the best." I whittled my list down to about 10 new blogs, and added them. However, not wanting to leave out the many, many more local blogs that I continued to find, I also created the comprehensive list.

The Southern Musings author goes on to write...
I guess it would not bug me if my blog wasn't 1)improving greatly in content especially, Alabama content, 2)I wasn't getting a lot more hits these days, 3) the list wasn't complied by my exboyfriend who happened to make the comment that he doesn't consider my blog to have a wide enough appeal. Personally, I really wish his stupid opinions did not have to affect my potential for exposure.

OK, I'm tired of this shit. Get over yourself.

Quit referring to me as your "ex-boyfriend." I was fool enough to date you for little more than a month, and that was more than a year ago when I was in the middle of a divorce. Move on, for God's sake. If you find you cannot contain yourself from constant reference to me, try calling me "a guy I once dated." "Ex-boyfriend" seems to carry far more significance than I hold for you.

Quit sending me instant messages. You can't seem to take a hint, but I am not interested in a friendship with you. You contradict yourself when you profess such dislike for me, and at the same time, continue to attempt to cling to me. Even this week, you were talking about how you would have proposed to me "if you and I ever got serious about getting hitched." Let go! I don't think it's any coincidence that all this nonsense is occuring within a couple days of me announcing my engagement.

You're worried about not getting enough "exposure" because I'm not linking to you. On al.com's main Weblogs page, yes, to a fair extent, that's my call. It's my job to determine what the best content is to feature. Your comment that Sugarmama's is "the only greatly loved blog" from that shortlist is an insult to all the other bloggers on it. They all have great sites, and they are enjoyed by many readers. But don't flatter yourself in thinking you're in the same league with the folks on that list.

As for removing your link from my own blog, I took three other links down at the same time — all to blogs of good friends of mine. I removed them, though, because I didn't think their blogs were very good. I like reading them, but only because they're my friends. It didn't make sense, though, to direct other people to pages I didn't think they'd enjoy. When I said I didn't consider yours to have a wide appeal, that was my nice way of saying "your blog sucks." But the thing is, I don't have to have a reason, good or otherwise. Simply put, it's my site.

Your personal assessment that your blog is "improving greatly in content" isn't going to convince me to replace the link to it. I don't want any continued association with you. I've been tolerant of your intrusions and fairly polite to you up until now, but as I said, I'm tired of it. Go find someone else to obsess over.